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Leather Spraying Machine

  • PJQ-B3—Feng Mi Spraying Machine Computer
PJQ-B3—Feng Mi Spraying Machine Computer

PJQ-B3—Feng Mi Spraying Machine Computer

  • Product description: Pjq-b3—FENGMI SPRAYING MACHINE COMPUTER

PJQ-B3—Feng Mi Spraying Machine Computer


Control the rolling type and reciprocating type spraying machine.


1.High density scanner ,photocell array density 2.5cm,sampling density0.32°,can save 10-20% slurry .

2.The point spraying Function  effect leading to similar domestic products.

3. Wide range of adaptability:can transform with  all kind of spraying machine.

4.Has strong anti-interference and high temperture to ensure that the high-temperature environment not crash.Working well.

5.LCD screen,can show the shape of the leather.

Main Technical

1.For machine Size (cm): 120,160,180,220,240,260,280,300,320,340.

2.One way control number of gun: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16.

3.Tow way control number of gun:4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32.

4.Adjustment range distance of gun : >5cm

5.Add gun parameter: >5cm

6.Reduce gun parameter: >5cm

Main function

1Front spraying and after spraying.

2One gun choose or two gun choose.

3Point spraying time set.

4Auto gun washing control.

5Leather edge extensions settings.

6、Spraying guns offset correction.

7Automatic fault detection.

8The dial line speed dispaly.

9Auto size set.

10Auto  wheel diameter set.

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